Monday, October 1, 2012

Inspire Me Monday

I'm a firm believer that inspiration is all around us each and every day.  At the same time, I realize its often difficult to *notice* all of the beauty, joy, creativity and inspiration that exists in our daily rounds.  How many of us get caught up in the minutiae, the "to-do lists" and distractions that seem to fill up our every waking hour?   We can become overwhelmed by these things easily...unless we pause to recognize there is inspiration to be found everywhere.  We just have to remember to look for it.

So as a reminder to myself to seek out that which inspires (and hopefully you too!), I'm participating in Create With Joy's inspirational blog party.

I'm Inspired By Food

I know its probably a wee bit early in the season, but this week, I've been inspired by pumpkin pie!  So much so that, I caved in and bought a Sara Lee frozen pie and plan to top it off with some whipped topping for an easy, comfort-inducing dessert this week.

I know, I know....frozen pie is not the same as whipping up a freshly baked one, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

I'm Inspired By Color

The days are definitely getting shorter now...but one thing for sure is the spectacular color palette of autumn is only just beginning to be revealed.   There's something warm and reassuring about the rustic and golden tones which dazzle us on bright October days.

{Abstract Art By Christian Hetzel}

I'm Inspired By Owls

Mie is a whimsical artist from South Africa whose blog is a lot of fun to read.  She also has been crafting these adorable, cozy owls that I can't stop smiling about.

Owls are such awesome, autumnal creatures, don't you think?

I'm Inspired By Heroes

I may be late to the party, as I've only recently discovered the tv show Heroes via Netflix.  It's such a fascinating show layered with supernatural twists, and yet, there is something very common about the "heroes" who in spite of their special powers, struggle with life issues just like the rest of us.  In a way, its their flaws that make the characters more compelling.

I also really enjoy the theme of fate that is carried out through Heroes.  I tend to be of the school of thought that believes nothing ever happens to us by coincidence.  Every event, every person we encounter has something to teach us.

What's inspiring you today?

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